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Main » 2012 » October » 30 » How to Make Your Hair Extension Look Great?
1:13 PM
How to Make Your Hair Extension Look Great?

Caring for your hair weave can be strickythe most common mistake we took is using the same product on our natural hair and hair extensions. It seems that if a products works well and keep your natural hair looks great, then it must be do the same for your hair weaves. In fact, this is just would work well in some case. Here are tips for you to make your hair weaves looks great.

beautiful hair

Less is more

When we tried hard to keep our real hair moisturized by using oil, however, hair weaves don’t need that maintenance. Too many products will weight down your hair and make it look greasy and stringy. Use as little products as possible, no more than what is necessary.

Wash and Condition Regularly

Hair weave is need less maintenance than your real hair, but it still needs regular washing and conditioning. Especially when you wearing a brazillian virgin hair extensions, shampooing and conditioning will revitalizes your hair weav, and keep it look fresh.

Braid or Twist Curly Hair Nightly

Similar to your natural hair, knots and tangles will wreak havoc when sleeping with the hair loose or even if it is covered with a scarf or bonnet.  Braiding and twisting keeps the your hair weaves in its best condition and will cut back on your styling time in the morning.

Snip the ends

Most virgin hair has tapered ends, it the same as hair growing on a person looks. When wearing hair weaves, snip away the last half inch to give a full look with blunt ends for straight hair and a uniform curl completely to the ends in curly hair.  

Lay off the heat

When wearing curly human hair extensions, treat it just as you would do for your natural hair. While its obviously better to use direct heat on the extensions than your real hair, it can still cause the curls to loosen and even straighten. 

Fold, don’t cut your wefts

Sewing your hair weaves by folding over the ends rather than cutting them to avoid shedding. The more the hair sheds the less full the wefts will be. Nobody want to have a head of thin and scraggly hair.

Cover it up

Sleeping with a satin scarf or bonnet. For our real hair we are concerned with robbing the hair of moisture, and with extensions, satin causes less frizz and roughness.

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