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Main » 2013 » April » 19 » Getting Charming with Elegant Hair Wrap Style!
10:57 AM
Getting Charming with Elegant Hair Wrap Style!

When you saw other girls with long hair have a beautiful hair wrap, do you also want to have a try. An elegant hair wrap style will make you look more fashion and charming. But how to do a hair wrap with your short hair? May be the long hair extensions will be a good choice for you. It can add the length and volume to your natural hair. Then you can also do a beautiful hair wrap like those girls who has a head of long hair. Learn how you can take a break from heat styling tools and wrap your short hair for a sleek look.

1. Get some colorful embroidery thread or floss you can buy it at any craft store.
2. Make the string about three times longer than the strand of your hair.
3. Take the strand of hair that's by your face and braid it very tightly.
4. Take your hair and the string and wrap it in the string carefully not to have any hair stick out then you can either wrap or do a staircase knot around it.
5. Wrap the string around your hair until you reach the end , do not leave any hair sticking out, as it looks bad.
6. Leave at least one inch at the end of thread.

human hair extensions

And there serval points you need to know when you wrap your hair.
1. Getting the wrap out can sometimes prove difficult. To get it out, simply cut the end knot and unravel. However, you must be sure not cut you own hair when doing this. To prevent this, braid or twist the string at the end of your wrap just a little bit past the end of your hair.
2. The other difficulty with removing the wrap is this; if you leave it in for a while your hair will grow out at the top and will usually become a miniature dreadlock-type thing. A little peanut butter or conditioner will untangle this
3. The last bit of caution you should take is while brushing your hair. Just hold it out of the way and brush around it. Brushing over it will rip your hair and help to cause the aforementioned mini dreadlocks.

Wrapped hair is a classic and beautiful hairstyle and it is also very popular. The hair wrap style works well for professional attire as well serves as an easy way to keep hair pulled back in more casual settings. With clip on hair extensions, short hair girl would also can do beautiful wrap to add charming and fashion for you!

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