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Whether you visit a professional colorist or bought a hair color kit from you local store, you need to know how to maximize your color results to keep if fresh and brilliant looking as long as possible. Although it is inevitable that colored hair will fade, there are several ways you can extend the life of hair color or highlights.

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1. Dying your hair is an important process and the way to maintain vibrant, long lasting color begins before dying. Deep condition your hair a few days before you intend to dye it. This will help it get in its best, moisturized condition and prevent post-dying hair breakage. The hair must be dyed on unwashed hair so the dye will take to hair better Wait 24-48 hours after your last shampoo before the color is applied.

2. Wait before you wash your hair after the color is applied a ... Read more »

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If you have long hair, learning how to braid will give you the opportunity to try out many different styles. Braids can be either plain or fancy, appropriate for every day, or special occasions. A side braid is a simple way to braid your hair, but the result is a romantic, old-fashioned look.

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1. Brush the hair with a natural bristle brush and comb it to be sure tiny snarls and tangles have been removed.
2. Pull the hair over to one side, brushing it to be sure it's smooth.
3. Divide the hair into three equal sections, starting under the ear. Braid the hair and attach a small hair band to the end. Smooth on some mousse or styling gel to control wisps, if necessary.
4. Spritz the hair with hair spray to keep the side braid neat and any loose hairs under control.

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